Milkers Gloves


We offer a wide range of nitrile gloves, with our Black Milkers Gloves being our most popular range.  We use these ourselves and can’t fault them.

Designed specifically for the dairy market.  Glove Plus Milkers nitrile gloves aid mastitis detection as well as help reduce bacterial contamination.

Great for use with peracetic acid 5%.

Box of 100 for £12.50 or a Carton of 10 Boxes for the price of 9 at £112.50

Milkers Gloves are also available in a 300mm Long Cuff Box of 50 for £9.00

Glove Plus Tuffies Nitrile Examination Gloves offer a high quality, durable barrier protection against a wide range of general chemicals users come into contact with on a regular basis.

The extra length and thickness of Glove Plus Tuffies offers greater protection.  Textured palm and fingers provides greater sensitivity and precision grip for the glove wearer.

Available in Box of 50 for £10


Purple Gloves

Glove Plus Ultra Purple Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves

Glove Plus nitrile provides high performance protection needed against a wide range of chemicals and blood borne pathogens.  Durable and strong: sensitivity, comfort and grip are maintained thanks to the use of fuller-free nitrile and enhanced processing.  These benefits, combined with textured fingertips for enhanced grip, allow Glove Plus Ultra to be a strong and versatile glove.

Available in a Carton of 10 Boxes of 100 for £100.00


Glove Plus Prime Blue GlovesPrime Blue Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves

Glove Plus Prime is the ideal glove for use over short periods of time where splash contact from aggressive chemicals is unlikely.  Prime also provides barrier protection against blood borne pathogens.

Available in a Carton of 10 Boxes of 100 for £65.00


Please email us with your requirements and we will confirm prices including postage and send invoice.  Delivery will be by courier once payment has been received.